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You certainly have many questions during this difficult time, and we have attempted to answer the most common questions for you here. Contact us to speak to one of our Denton, Dallas, and Lewisville, Texas, trusted divorce and family lawyers for your uncontested divorce in Texas.

What does “pro se” mean?

Pro se legal representation is where a person represents himself or herself without a lawyer in a court proceeding, such as a divorce. Pro se is a Latin phrase meaning “for oneself.”

What do you mean by “uncontested divorce?”

When we say “uncontested” or “agreed,” we mean that you and your spouse agree to be divorced, and agree to every single term of the divorce. Terms for the divorce include how you are going to divide property between yourselves, who will be responsible for what debts you owe, who the children will live with, who will make decisions regarding the children, who will pay child support and how much, etc. Agreeing to every single term is, of course, easier if you have no children and very little property. Please remember, The Wright Firm can only represent one spouse in an uncontested divorce.

How quickly can we get this over with?

At minimum, slightly more than 2 months. It will usually take approximately 2-3 business days to draft your Original Petition and Waiver of Service. From the time your Original Petition is filed, Texas law requires a 60-day “cooling off” period. You will also have one day in court to “prove-up” the divorce. If you choose the Attorney Representation Options, we will appear in court with you as legal counsel. If you choose the Drafting-Only Options, you will need to appear by yourself.
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I live in another state, but my spouse lives in Texas. (OR – I live in Texas, but my spouse lives in another state.) Can I still file for divorce in Texas?

Yes, as long as one of the two of you have resided in Texas for the last 6 months or longer.

We’ve been separated for years, but never bothered to get legally divorced. I don’t know where my spouse lives now. Can I still get a divorce?

Yes. If you do not have children, as legal counsel, we can request that your spouse be served by posting. If you do have children, the court must appoint an Ad Litem for your children to perform a diligent search for your spouse. Ad Litem fees are in addition to any fees you pay to The Wright Firm. We highly encourage you to attempt to locate your spouse’s address yourself before pursuing a divorce.

Can my spouse and I agree that neither of us will pay child support?

Yes. Texas law requires a withholding order be entered with the court, but you may choose not to enforce this order.

Will one of us be served citation by the Constable?

Answer: No. One of the documents we will draft for you will be a WAIVER of SERVICE. Your spouse needs to sign and have this notarized. Then, he/she will not be served and will not have to file an answer to the divorce suit.

Do I have to show up in court?

Yes. You will be listed as the Petitioner on the Divorce Petition. You will therefore have to show up in court for the “prove-up” hearing. For an uncontested divorce, this hearing should be relatively short and painless. Please remember, if you choose the Drafting-Only Option, you will appear in court without legal counsel.

Where does The Wright Firm offer this program?

The drafting services can be used by anyone in Texas. The Wright Firmlimits the attorney representation service to Dallas, Denton, Collin, and Tarrant Counties in North Texas. We serve clients from Denton, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Frisco, Carrollton, Trophy Club, The Colony, Argyle, Roanoke, Highland Village, Corinth, Copper Canyon, Northlake, Sanger, Pilot Point, Little Elm, Providence, Savannah, Plano, McKinney, Irving, Garland, Arlington, Ft. Worth, and all of North Texas.

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