Do I Qualify for a No-Frills Divorce?

Whether you choose our Attorney Representation Option or our Drafting-Only Option – The No-Frills Divorce Program offered by the family and divorce lawyers at The Wright Firm’s Dallas, Denton, Lewisville, Collin County, and Tarrant County attorneys is designed for clients who agree on EVERY SINGLE TERM OF THE DIVORCE. Terms for the divorce include how you are going to divide property between yourselves, who will be responsible for what debts you owe, who the children will live with, who will make decisions regarding the children, who will pay child support and how much, etc.


  • If you are using the Drafting-Only Option, both spouses must be in agreement at the time the Fee Agreement is signed with The Wright Firm. All documents will be drafted based on the information provided to The Wright Firm on the date of signing, and NO INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION will be performed by The Wright Firm to verify the accuracy of the information given to the Firm. The Wright Firm will make one (1) revision to your documents free of charge after the documents are drafted. Any further revisions will be billed to you at The Wright Firm‘shourly rates. If you and your spouse cease to agree on ANY term of the divorce, the Flat Fee paid up front to The Wright Firm is non-refundable.
  • If you choose to utilize the Attorney Representation Options – THE ATTORNEY WILL ONLY BE REPRESENTING ONE SPOUSE IN THE DIVORCE. The attorney’s duty will be to represent the interest of their client only. The attorney will assist the non-client spouse only in ways which she ethically may and without compromising the client spouse’s interests.
  • If you choose the Attorney Representation Option – If at any time before the Final Decree is entered by the court, the parties stop agreeing over ANY aspect of the divorce such as division of property, division of debt, child support, or visitation, the case will no longer be subject to the flat-rate fee and will proceed forward at the attorney’s hourly rate, and the firm’s hourly rates. WHETHER OR NOT A DIVORCE IS CONTESTED WILL BE DECIDED BY THE WRIGHT FIRM. The Wright Firm may choose to decline to take a case for any reason.
  • Please be aware that the no-frills divorce prices listed as flat-rate fees do not take into account divorces that have complex property matters, such as multiple houses, rental properties, land, etc. Additional fees will apply in the event there is complex property or other unusual circumstances. For more about our services, please click here.If you are interested in our services and want more information – Call Us Today! Dial (972) 353-4600 and say, “I want the No-Frills deal!”
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Contact us for your No Frills Divorce with Attorney Representation or Drafting Only Option in Texas.We are a Dallas, Denton, and Lewisville, Texas, law firm offering a low-cost divorce program for uncontested divorce in Dallas, Collin, Tarrant, and Denton Counties. We also offer pro se divorce drafting assistance across the state of Texas. Our principal offices are located in Dallas, Denton, and Lewisville, Texas. Sorry, we cannot represent individuals outside the State of Texas.